I offer one to one, group, and residential gundog training in the Bristol area. Follow the links to find the right lesson for you. All have their individual advantages. Please contact me to discuss the best option for you. Mob:07974593665 or email

basic spaniel training

The majority of people want the best results with the dog they have. All dog handlers can have training problems and there is no such thing as the perfect dog. I will advise you how to overcome these problems and more importantly how to stop them creeping into your training routine in the first place.

My main aim is to teach you to understand the "how" and "why" of dog training. Without these skills you will not be able to read your dog and react accordingly on your day to day routine.

Customer care is top of my priorities and you will be made to feel very comfortable during my lessons whether you opt for an individual lesson or a group lesson. I will always put your requirements first and you will find me very patient and understanding. I have a good client base of handlers who respect and trust my opinions.

I understand and respect that you may not be interested in field sports at all and that the dog you are training may never see the shooting field. Please don't think that means I won't be interested in helping you. A massive proportion of my business is from the pet gundog owner. I understand that you want to have a well behaved dog and may have no intention of working him, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.